Nashville, TN, United States
Get Gimme Twang
Get Christmas In Heaven
Get Generations Go By
Get Drinking Problem

"Drinking Problem" Larry Piatt's CD Live Wire

"Generations Go By" Scott Stilwell's CD Witness

"Christmas in Heaven" Scott Stilwell's CD Still Silent Night

"Gimme Twang" Steff Nevers CD Million Kinds of Heaven

Song Cuts

It is hard to explain, but a songwriter is born a songwriter.

‚ÄčI have found my life's work as a songwriter after teaching college for 28 years. Songwriting is a passion, a movement of my soul that can't be described. Other songwriters know what I mean. The stories I try to weave as a songwriter are part truth, part fiction, part fact, part heart, part soul, and part from above. Sometimes the song writes itself, other times the song just wants to be a 20 pound baby waiting to be born!

My Story